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Marketworks Announces Full and Comprehensive Integration of Google Checkout in its Scheduled mid-July Platform Release

The leading multi-channel ecommerce provider will enable merchants to distribute and sell merchandise using Google Checkout with the July release of their platform enhancements.

ATLANTA (July 5, 2006) Marketworks, a multi-channel ecommerce solution provider, announced today that it will incorporate full support of Google Checkout, Google’s new payment solution, in July. Google Checkout provides online buyers a secure and trusted method to purchase items by credit card, and creates a convenient way to consolidate online purchase information. Marketworks’ support for Google Checkout gives the Marketworks online selling community the opportunity to offer their customers another way to find, select and pay for merchandise offered online. 

Working closely with Google, Marketworks has been integrating and testing the new payment solution with several of its top sellers for the past few months. Google Checkout officially launched on June 28, 2006.

“We worked closely with Google during their initial development and testing of Google Checkout,” said Ken Powell, chief executive officer, Marketworks. “As a result of this collaboration, we are able to offer a comprehensive integration of Google Checkout into our multi-channel ecommerce offering. Marketworks continues to focus on being the world’s best at presenting our customers products to buyers, facilitating the attraction, interaction and ultimately the transaction of goods online.  With this new offering, I believe Google will become a very important partner for the company and our customers.”

“With mass adoption, Google Checkout will become a very powerful tool for online shoppers,” said Scott Hamner, vice president, Marketworks. “Our ‘plug and play’ enablement of Google Checkout delivers a powerful advantage to merchants that want to offer Google Checkout on their ecommerce Web sites. Our support for Google Checkout is one more way that Marketworks brings buyers and sellers together online.”

Marketworks provides solutions that businesses use to efficiently attract, interact and transact online. Their multi-channel ecommerce solution enables businesses of all types to place products in front of hundreds of millions of online shoppers, regardless of where they shop.

“We have used Marketworks for more than two years and they have been instrumental in helping us double our business each year,” said Jack Sheng, principal, Eforcity. “We depend on Marketworks to stay abreast of ecommerce developments and help us get in front of buyers. It’s great that Marketworks will support Google Checkout quickly upon its launch.”

“Google has an excellent track record of introducing products that quickly gain consumer acceptance, and we look forward to offering Google Checkout to current and future customers,” Powell said.

About Marketworks

Marketworks is a technology and marketing services company that empowers businesses to implement and successfully manage a multi-channel online business. Through major marketplaces, shopping comparison sites, search engines and storefronts, Marketworks delivers unparalleled automation and expertise so merchants can sell to more than 400 million shoppers each month. From its offices in the U.S., U.K., Germany and Australia, Marketworks powers more than 4,000 businesses in 37 countries. Atlanta-based Marketworks lists more than eight million items each month to all marketplaces and facilitates more product listings than any other provider on eBay. The company holds eBay’s 2005 Star Developer Award.

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