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Black 1mm Waxed Macrame Cord for Shamballa Beads

Black 1mm Waxed Macrame Cord for Shamballa Beads
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This strong 1mm macrame cord is ideal to string all our shamballa beads with. Price is per 10 metres (about 10 yards) long - not a whole reel as in the picture. Use to make a great shamballa bracelet or necklace. This cord is also good to use when making friendship bracelets or for other types of jewelry. Ask about our many shamballa beads too.

To save on shipping, order more than one lot of this - add-on shipping is just 75 cents each extra!

Shamballa jewelry is made from Tibetan Buddhist-inspired beads worn by all the big hip hop artists. They bring a feeling of well being similar to the effect hip hop music has on the soul. Named after a kingdom in ancient Tibet where texts say it is also located in the heart of all living beings.

The jewelry is crafted from semi precious beads strung on cord, and can cost over thirty-thousand dollars US for a single bracelet. This would buy an exclusive design with diamonds and stone beads set in 18-carat gold. Mads Kornerup was the first to sell expensive shamballa jewelry in Paris in 1994. Now this beaded jewelry is sold from New York to Russia, to top London stores like Harrods and Tresor Paris.

King Ice and P Diddy are among many artists on music videos sporting these Buddhist disco ball beads. King Ices bracelets are on nylon string with a cord toggle, and are made from plastic and cubic zirconia or hematite diamonds. He raps with shamballa bead necklaces too.

However, shamballa beads are more than Buddhist inspired jewelry. Individual meanings can be expressed by their style, color and shape. And not only hip hop artists wear them for their own beliefs, other celebrities like basketball stars, Michael Jordan and Lamar Odom, and ladies like Demi Moore and Beyonce also dance with the bracelets.

These stunning beads are a unique mix between jewelry and spirituality. Todays turmoil brings no better time to get in touch with hip hop fashion and your inner self. Express your individuality and spiritual needs by designing your own unique shamballa bracelet and matching necklace. Create a mystical effect using skull and Buddhist beads with sparkling crystal beads to add bling.

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